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Hello fellow Scion enthusiasts,

Just a quick intro. This is my first car forum membership. I'm from Toronto, Canada and leasing a black 2011 Scion xB. I can't really do too much to the car in terms of mods, unless I keep it after the lease term is up. So for now I'm just sticking with non-permanent mods.

I'm not very "hands on" with cars, but I love to learn.

Mods so far:
- Front Strut bar (Related Post)
- LED Dome lights
- Plasti-dip on stock hubcaps
- Yakima "clamp-on" Q ski rack system
- Amp and Sub
- TRD Performance air filter from the dealer

I'd like to accomplish the following to satisfy my "mod" cravings:
- Rear sway bar (I've been looking for a deal, but no luck so far)
- Upgrade stock Pioneer deck to a nicer touch screen LCD one without losing the use of steering wheel controls and bluetooth controls (although that last one doesn't matter that much, since the new deck will probably have it built in)
- Install a rear view video camera to go with the new deck

Any other non-permanent mods that I should consider?

Here is a picture of my Scion as it stands now (picture is awaiting moderation at the time of writing):

Cheers guys!

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As for pict, not sure how the new software version works to approve. It's a great shot of your B in the snow!

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Happy to have another canadian
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