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introduction and pics of my xb.

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hey guys, its about time i finally registered. anyways my name is justin i live in oregon. you may know me from scionlife, clubxb, etc. im pretty much every where as i love the scion scene. just love it and i love workin on my car. im currently studying auotbody collision repair and refinishing at clackamas community college. anyways on to pics of my ride. hope you guys like :biggrin:

ive done alot of interior paint work at the body shop in college took me a couple months. but it came out awesome. i also spent countless hours soldering up my RGB lighting system. i also have a one of kind built in laser system in my car i have three red/green proffesional DJ/stage lighting starfield laser systems permantly mounted and a built in fog machine. im a crazy person :-\ dropped on k sport coilovers that ill be giving to my buddy lefty mike once i go on air. got rid of my 20s im on some generic 16s for now, scion pro xgangster sun visor, my buddy brian helped me big time carbon fiber vinyl wrap my weather stripping on the roof, I wrapped my headliner, A pillars, center shifter console, and upper and lower B pillars in crushed black panne velvet. im also getting rid of the zebra print very soon just need to find time to do it. anyways on to pics. youve seen what my car looked like last. heres present:

all the paint work you see is black sand pearl and synergy metallic green. (the same green on the special edition camaro)

i really like my center shifter plates. i completely sanded them down and got rid of the scion logo and all the grooves and then filled in both switch holes. i used a sort of plastic epoxy type filler that the instructor gave me then topped it off with some polyflex flexible polyester glazing putty and blocked out:

so not only did i just paint my dash peices but i completely sanded down and refinished my upper and lower B pillars, lower B Pillar cubbies and hatch latch pannel. didnt come out perfect but considering my experience level it came out awesome. i also added a bunch of hand soldered 5mm RGB LEDs.

i also decided to put infinity LED mirrors in the upper C pillars. its been done before but i took it wayyyy further. instead of using two way mirrored acrylic. i had 3/16" thick tempered glass pannels cut with 4 1/4" holes drilled in each and then covered in a two way reflective tint for the front pannel and behind the LEDs is a solid vinyl backed mirror. and instead of using standard LED strip. i decided to go for a much cleaner look and solder a 30 RGB LED strand myself and poke then through from the back for a much cleaner look.

heres a video of the laser system. sorry its kinda shaky. took it on my cellphone.
its much cooler in person the video doesnt do it justice. so anyway thanks for lookin and let me know what you think ;)
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welcome to the site. very nice show car you got there! thanks for sharing. the black velvet pillars and headliner; elegante touch. i want 'em.
its pretty easy to do bro have you wraped your headliner or anything?
no! haven't found the time or the courage to do it, yet. read some DIYs and did some research. guess i was waiting for some motivation to get started. maybe you can start a thread and share some technique.
OMG!!!! you have given me ideas... and you have also given me things to spend money on... you *******!!!! hehe I like the lighting on the shelf above the glove box... also the vents, but do you miss not being able to use the center vents?
no not really i never really used my direct A/C much anyway. i always kept it floor and defrost. i mostly use them in the summer but since i still have the two on either end it still works good. at first i thought about doing all 4 but quickly decided that would be a bad idea on hot days. so i took out the fins and stuff on the two outer AC vents and painted them.
Would it be at all possible to take a pic of the little shelf above the glove box showing how the LEDs are mounted there? I think that will be the first of my mods... once I get paid next. Cause that is quite nice.
Pretty **** nice dude :cheers:
Would it be at all possible to take a pic of the little shelf above the glove box showing how the LEDs are mounted there? I think that will be the first of my mods... once I get paid next. Cause that is quite nice.
yeah totally. it was pretty easy though it was just 4 LEDs i just kinda eye balled when i drilled the holes
thats an awesome XB it motivates me!
Ha wow that is nuts! What do you charge for cover?

Sweet job, nicely done!
looks sick, love all the inifinity mirrors you got going on. very cool.
Sorry to revive this thread guys but it has relevance.
Im trying to finish my infinity mirrors bit don't know what to use as the two way mirror part.
Where would I find two way mirrored acrylic?
The closest thing I have found to use is mirrored window tint.. But it says its 20% reflective and that doesn't seem like enough mirror
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