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I'm a new owner of an '09 and have several questions about the iPod control setup.
1. I called Scion and asked why I couldn't play podcasts thru the radio controls. They said it couldn't be done; their system wasn't set up for podcasts. After asking for someone else to help me, the guy finally said, well maybe it'll work if you set them all up in playlists. Does anyone know of a different way to play them?

2. I cannot seem to maneuver the "push button" on the radio controls to try to move from playlist to playlist. Does anyone know the trick to pushing it in (besides wanting to get a hammer) or another way to go from playlist to playlist?

3. Has anyone's iPod frozen after playing it thru the Scion sound system? I've had this happen several times. Not sure if it's the way I turned the iPod off (in middle of a song or podcast, maybe?). Seems to be no rhyme or reason. One time I was so frustrated with the controls that I plugged my iPod into the auxiliary and listened to it that way for the rest of the trip. And it froze up halfway thru the ride. Have had the iPod for a year or so now, and never had any problems til I bought the Scion.

Love the car and how it rides, and the iPod when it works, but a bit frustrating for this ole woman....

Thanks for any help you can give!
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