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Hey Woohoo -- I'm a new owner (as of December 29th) of a 2009 xB. If you have the premium pioneer head unit, you hold down the big button on the left until the menu comes up. The menu looks like a lot like the ipod interface and allows you to choose by Artist, Album, or Playlist. I've love the ipod integration thus the hell out of my old Kenwood's attempt at it. TrevorS is right though....your best bet to get the most of our stereo is by reading the really short manual that comes with the car. I had to read it to figure that one out.

jazzerciser -- I have the same issue as you do regarding podcasts. However, you can set them up in their own playlist in iTunes OR just pick the artist associated with the podcast via the Artist menu. For example, I like the podcast Keith and the Girl. Not only do they show up on my iPod as podcasts, but they also show up when I browse through Artists. It depends on how the podcasts have their tags set up. Another example is Never Not Funny, which shows up in Artists as Jimmy Pardo (he's the host of the show). That's one alternative anyway....

I have not had any issues with my ipod touch or my older U2 (non-color) freezing up with the Scion....but then again, I've only had it for a few days ;).

MidlifeCrisis--If you have the premium sound system, you should be able to select an individual playlist...I guess I haven't tried yet though.

It's great to hook up with other owners. I'm sure I'll have some questions down the road.


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