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Meowfa78 said:
I freaking love it!
I am trying to save and maybe costumize it a little bit. I was thinking tints in the front, a spoiler and scensory lights. I ve never had a new car before. and I ve wanted a Scion since they came out. I saved all my pennies and I made my decision to go with the Xb when I went to the NYC Car show and saw the beautiful display. I am so happy with my marshmellow. Everyone makes fun of me and the whitetoaster. I cant be incognito about anything since you can spot me driving a mile away. I ve only seen 4 Xbs in this area and we all wave or honk. Its kind of nice. I wish there was like a group or something. I dont know much about mechanics so it would be great to learn. I am so in love.

Great Site , happy i found it.
hey Meowfa78

glad you are enjoying your xB! i feel the same way about mine and you sure picked a Great color!! :)

keep an eye on the Scion Events forum - you may see an event in your area or you could even start your own Meet & Greets for scion owner's like i used to do a few years back ;)
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