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Just Bought My Second Scion xB

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Just wanted to say HI to this group. Just bought my second Scion xB a couple of weeks ago thanks to the Cash for Clunkers program. Unfortunately I blew the transmission in my Mazda B4000 and didn't feel like spending over $2000 to get it fixed. I went ahead and did some searches for new Scions in the Washington DC area but most dealers were out. Did some searching south and found a new Scion xB with a manual transmission and no dealer installed accessories. I had to go ahead and get it.

Back in late 2003 I bought a first gen Scion xB. I only kept it two years and then traded it in on a 2006 Honda Element EX-P so right now I have two silver toasters......
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Welcome to the club. My wife has an '08 Kiwi Green Element and I have an '09 Super White XB.
Congrats on TWO of them!

Now, post up a couple of picts of the happy couple . . .
(What are their names?)
Welcome to the club.

I had a 2003 Honda Element that I thought I would own forever. It was fun for about four years, but the novelty of the clamshell doors wore thin, the plastic panels were a pain to keep looking nice and it only seated four. The clincher was when it began to have some very un-Honda like problems that Honda didn't handle very well. However, the Element sold me on the big-on-the-inside, small-on-the-outsde boxy configuration...and here I am.

I liked the Element. I love the xB2.
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