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Just installed a Bazooka xB2 subwoofer :)!

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As I said, I just installed a Bazooka VSE-SCI-145L-07 subwoofer that's designed specifically for our cars. It form fits deep into the right rear corner with an aprox .5 cu-ft bass reflex cabinet with an internal 50/50W dual channel amp and dual VC 8" driver. Frequency response is 35 to 85Hz.

As is usual for me, I made some wiring mods :p, but it worked pretty darned good as is and includes a completely factory compatible wiring harness. The harness uses the front door speaker outputs from the head unit to detect the bass.

I find it provides easily more than enough bass to meld cleanly with my door speakers at normal listening levels. (However, if your intent is to attract the attention of passersby or vibrate the fasteners out of your car, look elsewhere.)
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I dont like these at all. They look just kinda throw in. The bottom isnt flush with anything, seems out of place IMO.
The bottom is basically flush w/ the floor level. BUT, it also sits over the cavity there, so it looks like it is just hanging there. In person, it looks better and more "inconspicuous" than in most shots of it.
[snip] However, if you desire to bring home trophies, then perhaps other options should be evaluated :p!
In many places, you need a HUGE custom fiberglass box to even be looked at for a trophy. Even hidden units that sound better get overlooked (excuse the pun).
(-A bit jaded over most car show judging by people w/ certain expectations that get every "custom" car looking alike and many pretty impractical as a regular transport car. But, that's just one soda box . . .
-modern soapboxes won't hold up anyone anymore.)
I got mine from ebay for about $90, if I recall correctly.

Looked it up on me ebay account and it was $190, shipped.
As sold, the unit plugs right into the factory harness, plus a "tube crimp" connection to the head power wire. There is NO RCA wire connection at all (at least that exits the box).
The main reason is that the basic-factory radio (at least the original Pioneer units) did not have any RCA outputs at all. So, a sub-unit was devised that plugged direct into the basic headunit.
To fit a an RCA wire, one would need to crack open the Bazooka unit to get to the amp. I'll leave detail of that to those who have. I just used the unit as supplied.
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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