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Just installed a Bazooka xB2 subwoofer :)!

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As I said, I just installed a Bazooka VSE-SCI-145L-07 subwoofer that's designed specifically for our cars. It form fits deep into the right rear corner with an aprox .5 cu-ft bass reflex cabinet with an internal 50/50W dual channel amp and dual VC 8" driver. Frequency response is 35 to 85Hz.

As is usual for me, I made some wiring mods :p, but it worked pretty darned good as is and includes a completely factory compatible wiring harness. The harness uses the front door speaker outputs from the head unit to detect the bass.

I find it provides easily more than enough bass to meld cleanly with my door speakers at normal listening levels. (However, if your intent is to attract the attention of passersby or vibrate the fasteners out of your car, look elsewhere.)
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Bazooka w/ 10 AWG power, 12AWG ground, RCA sub out to low-level sub inputs
Hi TrevorS,

Just curious: you mentioned you did some rewiring on your setup. Your most recent post gave us a hint what you did. It sounds like the internal amp inside the VSE Bazooka enclosure has RCA inputs? If so:

- was it difficult to open the enclosure to gain access to the internal amp, and the RCA low-lovel inputs?
- can you post a pic of the internal amp, showing the wiring? Or did you use your own amp?
- did you retain the Bazooka wiring harness for the amp on/off or did you come up with your own solution?

I don't plan on altering my current sub setup, but I am curious what you did for your setup. Also it may help others on this site who are considering the VSE Bazooka. Thanks.
This is the cheapest I've found it. ($199 shipped)
Once in a while, this eBay seller has it for $179 shipped.

Bazooka 2007-2011 Scion XB 8" 100W Car Audio Subwoofer | eBay

(Found via a search for "scion xb bazooka")
Will this fit in the '10? I just bought an RS 7.0 would like to find one if it does.
Yes it will unless you have the cargo cover. Good luck finding a Bazooka though. eBay sometimes has them. Or make your own subwoofer enclosure, as some of us have done.
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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