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Just installed a Bazooka xB2 subwoofer :)!

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As I said, I just installed a Bazooka VSE-SCI-145L-07 subwoofer that's designed specifically for our cars. It form fits deep into the right rear corner with an aprox .5 cu-ft bass reflex cabinet with an internal 50/50W dual channel amp and dual VC 8" driver. Frequency response is 35 to 85Hz.

As is usual for me, I made some wiring mods :p, but it worked pretty darned good as is and includes a completely factory compatible wiring harness. The harness uses the front door speaker outputs from the head unit to detect the bass.

I find it provides easily more than enough bass to meld cleanly with my door speakers at normal listening levels. (However, if your intent is to attract the attention of passersby or vibrate the fasteners out of your car, look elsewhere.)
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Yeah, this remains at the top of reasonably priced options (if you get the $200.00 one on E Bay) to round out the sound.

I was back at the audio installers Sat getting my BA crossovers adjusted and inquired about the JA built for XB sub. $650+ and that's without the amp and install! Geez......

I'm curious to see what Amped Performance comes up with in the other thread but in this economy?????

Thanks for the install post.
Thanks for the write-up and follow ups. I'm going to try to slip this under the wifes radar in the near future :p
I just ordered the matching BA speakers for the rear doors and once I get past that the Bazooka will probably be next.

I too have a question on the hookup you used. You mentioned an optional hookup available to use the RCAs. Do you have a link or info? I assumed that since the Bazooks was made for the XB it yould use those but apparently not so I'm now curious which hookup offers the best sound options.
I still want one of these to finish off my system.
Hello Christmas :cheers:
The one thing I'm still unable to sort out is that I'm thinking the best way to run this is off the RCA plugs on the rear of the 2012 HU. Seems like the HU is set up to operate a sub so why tap into the existing wires as opposed to using the HU sub controls? Then I go look at that adapter available from Bazooka and it looks like a universal with a zillion wires to figure out. I will install this myself but I need to sort this out before even considering proceeding.
1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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