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We just got a new 2012 Scion xB.
We've put 2,000 miles on it, and then
the unthinkable happened. We were
hit by a youngster in Tulsa. So we
are waiting to pick it back up from the
body shop this week if all the parts arrive.
That was all before we made our first payment. :(

So far, we really like it. I know it was meant for
the X or Y generation (whichever the young fit into)
but at 62 it foots the bill for us. I bought it because
of easy entry and exit. But it grows on you really
fast. I hope to dress it up a bit once we get it back.
We got it with the spoiler and fancy feet, upgrade radio
(touch pad) and maybe a different [chip] as we have
been getting 30 mpg pretty consistently. A few do-dads
here and there shouldn't hurt. Wife is resisting stickers
like "Vietnam Veteran" and the like, so maybe will hold off
on stickers. I still have room on my van for that. ;)

We live in NE Oklahoma, bought the car in NW Arkansas
at NWToyota. Guess that's it for now. Hope to chat with
everyone soon.

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Welcome to the BEST xB2 Site on the web. Just remember 62 is just a number. I am also 62 and just love my xB2.

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Welcome Carl. What color did you get? How 'bout tranny (manual or auto).
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