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K&N air filter

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Has anyone gotten the K&N Air Filter..mine doesnt seem to fit exactly..i read on the insert that some filter need to cut out the fascia to this the case with my 09 xB?
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I have an 09 with the K&N Typhoon and it fit perfectly without modifications.
Due you have the original cold air down pipe (the plastic one attached to the
drivers side fender wall) fitting into the shielding? I do not have a picture
at this time but there is a cut out for it.
Its not the CAI..just the regular filter..
Mine fit perfect.
Hey I'm new to the forum but I have a drop in k&n. they are tricky to install but I didn't have to cut. The key is once its in try not to move it when putting the top on, when you put the top on be sure to get the back to snap in first, then the clips will snap. At first I don't realize the back snapped at all and it had a gap in it which made it look like it did not fit. Hope it this helps..
He is totally right. Try to do the back first and do not move the filter. It takes a while to get it lined up just right. But when you do you will know it and the clips will all snap snug and perfect and your ready to go!
Thanks for the input..glad to know im not the only one that had a hard time with the drop in..ill look into it tomorow..should have just gotten the
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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