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Aljay said:
Had a co worker want to race me (of all things ) In his brand new soul ! I was like are you serious ? I mean the xB is no race car But , it will move out of its own way . And being a large individual there is no comparison as to interior room.
"According to Motor Trend. For those of you who want some acceleration numbers to put the power in perspective, Jalopnik says that, "with the five-speed, 2.0-liter fourbanger and a little luck or skill you can achieve a 0-to-60 mph time in the low eight-second range." (KIA Soul).

Consumer Reports gets 8.4 sec (If I remember correctly) 0-60 for the 2008 xB with an automatic if you have the 5 speed manual transmission in your xB you should take the KIA....I would think that it would hold true for the 1/4 mile as well...but, I'd give the Soul a run. Someone may have the xB performance figures for a 5 speed....

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