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Kinda new

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Just wanted to say hello here. I have an HTM with about 10k miles on it. Got tired of some of the other sites and like what I have been reading here. A pic that is a bit outdated but better than nothing:
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hey WhiteNoise

those are some Great lookin' wheels you have an your xB! i like the curved spokes!

what size/brand of tires / wheels are you runnin'?
WhiteNoise said:
Those are Enkei WDMs, in gunmetal wrapped in Yokohama AVID H4S' . I have been happy with them and I did scrape one of the lips a bit, and cried a lot : ' ( Thanks for the compliment.
those Avid tires from Yokohama are great tires and priced nicely too!

i had them on my original xB and they were pretty quiet and handled Great!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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