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krylon fusion on some parts!

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had the week off from bored, so i went to Home Depot and picked up some Krylon Fusion (silver hammered)'s the finished pieces!

i also did the two arm rests on the back doors...i'm pretty happy with the i plan paint the part that were already silver to match!
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kidparis said:
where did you get the hand grenade shifter?
I got it at Autozone. It's made by Pilot.
i've gotten a couple of questions as to what the Hammered finish looks like up close, well for all those wonderers here's a nice tight shot!

if there are any other questions feel free to ask!
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Sorry I've been away for a while... The only prep I did was wipe every piece down with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oil. Then I tied a piece of fishing line to the back of each piece and hung them from the roof of my garage. I did this mainly to make them easier to spray all over without repositioning.
Looks good. How have they been holding up as far as chipping, etc??
looks awesome. how much was the paint?
They've been holding up great. No flaking or chiping, the paint itself is more like a plastic powder coat than a paint. If that makes any sense. I think I paid $5 for it at home depot, but you can also find it at walmart or other hardware stores. I did all the armrests on the doors plus the plastic around the radio with only one can. The main thing is just to take your time.
is it a can, like spray paint? or do you paint it on with a brush?
Dude. said:
is it a can, like spray paint? or do you paint it on with a brush?
it's in a spray can!
yea this stuff rocks advance auto had it for sale today buy one get one free i fig it was a sign from above to get :rofl: i got black and white did my hubs and the cover for my tweeters and it turned out really good didn't have to sand or prime for under 7 bucks it makes my car stand out .... my only thing now is imma be scared when i go to clean my tires lol we will see what happens :) i was going to get bold and do my valve cover but thought and bout the heat when i bout burned my self touching it lol looks like im going back to get some high heat paint and give it a go
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