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KwikSilver- 09 xB

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Nice theme. Any plans on lowering?
Original. Is the oldskool Toyota logo an emblem or a decal?

Howzabout sharing some interior pics?
It now has TRD springs, so a tad lowered, but not much. My intent is QUICK driving on mountain roads.

The emblem is a decal on a magnet, so it looks more like an emblem. I need to get some clear vinyl top coat to make it more convincing. I like to change-out emblems, but use the TEQ as a "default" front and rear. I also have a Scottish, a couple pirate, a South Carolina state flag, and a few more. I switch them out as I feel appropriate.

I'll get some interior ones up after I do a few more things. The camera issue is that the red of the tartan doesn't catch the camera right, often making it look REALLY weird.
Looks really good! Are those BFG tires stock size? They look pretty beefy and I like it - my tires aren't gonna last much longer.
Parkers09xB said:
Looks really good! Are those BFG tires stock size? They look pretty beefy and I like it - my tires aren't gonna last much longer.

They are 225/50/16.
That is the same diameter as the stock 205/55/16, so zero speedo issues.  Also, that DO work on the stock 16x6.5 rims.  Mine were ON the stock steelies before I got the new rims (Rota SlipStream).  I just transferred the rubber over.  That way, you can get the same ultra-high performance rubber that people use on bigger rims, w/ the lower weight of the smaller rims.
The main reason I got those rims was the weight-> 14 pounds each (rim) for a 6-8 pound drop from the stock steelies.  That lowered unsprung weight for the suspension (significant for driving on mountain twisties), plus reducing the rolling mass for braking and acceleration (helping both to work better).  I wanted a real performance difference, rather than just for looks.
The black and red was personal preference . . . thought would look good on the silver.
Okay cool. I don't know what my Konigs weigh, but I do know they're lighter than the steelies.
As requested:

Interior shots . . .


Rear C-pillar plate (a prototype), so I can have custom ones- cheaply. The pattern matching the wheels and nose.
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What else do ya'll think would work well . . . ?

(Ok, I'm from and live in The South . . . "ya'll" is a PREFECTLY good word-> a late-medieval/reformation era, at least, contraction of "you all"- originally as a common replacement for you (plural)  :book: .  It is closely related to "Ye" and "ya," which is why I ALWAYS spell it as "ya'll."  I can even defend that spelling historically w/ the roots.  And, yes, Southerners do argue over whether it should be spelled "ya'll" or "y'all" . . .  :lol: )
I'm from Texas and I say ya'll, along with basically everyone else here. I've had people (my english teacher) try and tell me that it's "y'all", but I spell it "ya'll".

I love Texas.
great job TJ, how hard is it to get the door handles off? would wrapping them in vinyl be possible in your opinion?
I may be getting one of the teq shiftknobs next, from:

This is the original logo of Toyota, simply saying "Toyota" in the simplest Japanese script:
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TartanJack, how did you make your shift boot? I have some leftover fabric from re-upholstering my door panels that I think might look good as a shift boot. I have an auto.
That's a shiftboot on an auto too. I made the boot from fabric, then made a folded over area as the edge. That was fitted do that it wedges between the 2 plastic parts of the auto's silver cover (the rectangle in the ribbed area). Looks pretty good.
(I kinda wish I had gotten the manual, but wife won't (says "can't" but can) drive a stick. Gotta keep the peace . . . The steptronic makes up for the non-manual quite a bit. I can force it into the gear I want (basically), when I want. Now . . . paddle shifters would be pretty cool . . .

I need to update pictures.
It now has a stripe, a word on the black mid-grill area, and a roof rack (whose front fairing is still to be finished the way I really want).
Cool. I might have to experiment with that idea...

More pictures!!
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