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Last-minute PA Scion Show!

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Check out this event: SCION 5 Year Anniversary Party! @ Peru

Hosted By: Peruzzi Scion

When: Sunday Mar 30, 2008
at 11:00 AM
Where: Peruzzi Scion
2601 Bethlehem pike
Hatfield, PA 19440

Eviljack must attend.
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Already planning to be there with the philly chapter. I didn't post it up cause I figured it might be farther then you plan to travel. The club is actually meeting up at 11:45 at a VW dealer down the street. Then we are gonna roll in together as a club. So far as I know the only members of the club showing up are the three RS xB's :rofl:
I'll be rolling up with a few of the DE Scikos. I guess it starts at noon, not 11am? Guess my chapter wanted to meet at 11... I really need to get my info str8 before I post.
Your probably already on your way by now but show roll in starts at 11:30 with show at 12 noon.

No shan peru is just short for peruzzi scion.
gotcha....My town in Peru and I thought that was pretty wild if there was another one by you guys!
Oh sure, post it on a work day when I don't get home until 3..

And Hatfield is about 20 minutes from me :( In fact, almost bought my xB there.)
You shoulda come out. They didn't start judging until about 5pm. I won 1st place and Ross got 2nd place. Photos fo follow later.
Hey eviljack, I was looking for your image gallery post, I was going to post the first one of these images there, but then I realized you didn't have one! What's with that! I know I've seen some pics of your ride on this site, make yourself an image gallery post. Anyway, here's three pics from the Peruzzi (sp) Sicon PA Show. Eviljack took 1st Place 2nd Gen xB with his RS5.0, and I took 2nd with my BSP. We need to get some more people in this region to roll with us!

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eviljack said:
You shoulda come out. They didn't start judging until about 5pm. I won 1st place and Ross got 2nd place. Photos fo follow later.
Grr.. well, my box was dirty, but I prollly coulda given it a quickie squirtdown when I got home.

And, well, my wife went to see her dad in the nursing home (he went in 2 days before) and I had to get dinner ready for my kids.

It was just a bad day for me to go out :(

Hopefully the next one will have a bit more notice :)
Shancopp said:
very cool pix!!! who got 3rd?
There was a 3rd xB2 there with an intake, strut bar, and a tint that would have taken 3rd, but he left before judging. Thus, the third place trophy went to no one. This was his ride though:

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He had a lowered suspension and exhaust as well. Shame he left. I will get the photos I have up in a few minutes.
I got a picture of Ross with his torphy on my camera I just gotta get it on the computer.

For the time being here is a link to some photos that were taking by one of the attendes. He takes great photos espeically this first one that pops up.
Yes, very nice.
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