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Leather Seats

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Hi guys.
I've seen some pictures of XBs with leather seats.
They actually had Scion logo embroidered.
If anybody has them or knows them, please let me know.

1. Are they actual leather seats from Scion? (I didn't see it as an option.)
2. Are they aftermarket seats?
3. Are they aftermarket seat covers?
4. Do they work with the side airbags?
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My '08 has factory heated leather seats. They have the side air bags in them, too. Much more comfortable than the cloth ones I sat in. The heat in them will roast your cheeks, too! :eek: It didn't seem uncommon when I found the car, but in hindsight, I have never seen another one (in person) with heated leather. I found one online that had two tone black and red leather. Looked sharp!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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