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Leather seats

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Just got my new xB and want to change the seats. I've been searching and want to hear some opinions. I want to do it right so quality and fit is important to me. I've seen the covers by Clazzio, and Katzskins, and also looking at a shop in the Miami area that does leather seats for various dealers. Of course these vary in price, So what do you have, what do you like, what do you recommend. Chief
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tt said:
new at this hope its understood. I own a 2007xb love the car with exception to the damn seat I am 6'4" 255lbs and Jan 1 of 2010 (2 years ) I will have 120k on the car. But the seats are just brutal I currently have a jell pad in the front and now the back support failing its killing me. I have to say this has the worst seats I have ever seen.

again i love the car but i need some help on the seats maybe its just an old thing (I'm 51)

I didn't think there was a 2007 model. As I understand it, 2006 was the last model of the Gen 1 and 2008 was the first model of the Gen 2.
Of course, I may be just mistaken . . . I'd love to see picts.
Dude. said:
I'm 16, 6' 2" 150lb, and I had trouble with the seats when i first got the car, and i've had it for about 10 months, and i've put 10,000 miles on it. The seats were very uncomfortable at first, but they don't bother me anymore.
1. My seats were uncomfortable at first, too. After about a week or so I got used to it. Now I have no problem at all with them.

2. I think Jack is right. There is no 2007 model xB. Didn't Scion only make the tC in 2007? 'Cause they were waiting a year to introduce the xB2 and the xD.
Pix of my new Katzkins leather seats. Dark charcoal anddovey grey with double stitch. I also got electric heat and electrical adjustable lumbar. I love them!
Looks great!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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