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I've actually tried (too) MANY LEDs in my 2009 xB. If you're looking for the BRIGHTEST options, here's what I would recommend:

Map lights:
T10 3024 Bulb Wedge Car 24-LED SMD White Light New free shipping | eBay
This 24-SMD bulb is the brightest one that will fit inside the map light. Big improvement over stock

Dome Light:
Light Panel 48 SMD LED+T10+BA9S+Festoon Bulb Adapter | eBay
This is a 48 SMD panel. There are several types of SMD panels out there, but this one (with the smallest SMD chips) is the brightest one and has the best coloration. HUGE uograde in brightness.

The only thing about ordering anything from vendors in China is sometimes you may have to wait awhile for shipping. But I got shipments from these vendors pretty quickly. Good luck!
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