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if you want the brightest LEDs for your domelight and map lights period: get the 2w wedge based bulbs from V-LEDs for your map lights. these little guys look small but i kid you not they pack a powerful punch. its almost hard to look at your map lights when you first put them in but you get used to the brightness. 6K WHITE 4 LED 2W HIGH POWER BULBS 194 168 158 | 1 PAIR

as for the dome light i went with the 6K WHITE 6W 12 LED HIGH POWER PANEL LIGHT. 6K WHITE 6W 12 LED HIGH POWER PANEL LIGHT 194 921 3175 211

i have yet to experience more pure white light output from something else. these are the brightest LEDs you can get that ive come across. to give you an idea i had some pics taken of my interior at night time... and the only light source was my dome lights. no flash on the camera and no touch-ups on the photo:

i HIGHLY encourage you try out the V-LEDs lights. and if you decide to go with V-LEDs just mention in your order comment that Justin Polachek Referred you. that would be awesome of you man and id greatly appreciate it. :D
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