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LED underbody kits -

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Anybody have underglow? A buddy i know just got multi-colors on his Wrangler, and they're awesome. I scanned the site but couldn't find any recent posts...sorry if this should be in electronics?

I'm looking for a multi color kit, preferably that can thump with the music? Anyone have any knowledge about this?

A cop told him he could ride with them on, so long as they weren't flashing, red, or blue.

Also, how sturdy are these things? I imagine neon tubes shattering daily...but LED bars should be able to take a beating, right?

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WOW thanks. This site is great! I thought Oznium had low prices...

so theres 2 kits. one has 7 colors, one has a million colors. they're both 4 tubes. Why are they the same price? The million color kit has a higher "MSRP"....but those are always fake.

Like, is there a reason why the seemingly better million color kit is the same price....a catch?

If not, i'll be purchasing this kit sooooooooon.
Also, does the kit thump with the music via microphone or direct input?
where did you guys put your control box? I've been thinking of a nice place in my xb for it, not visable but easily reachable. Either in the center armrest.

It would be amazing to have it mounted inside my overhead console box, but that would require a lot of wiring up the A-Pillar and under the headliner?

otherwise it could be screwed under the shift-box?

the websites wide variety in prices and sets makes me think some might be more bright than you think the million-color set wouldn't be as bright as one dedicatied to 1 or 7 colors?
ok. i'm ditching prom and spending the money on something better. :rolleyes:

I just bought this:

with 4 additional interior tubes. Customer Service told me they'd also be million color tubes.

I'll keep you guys posted, and definately put up final pics; either here or in a new thread.

Came in yesterday....All the boxes read 7-color kid, part number LU-M01. I ordered the Million color kit, number LU-M02. I called customer service and i was assured (in not a very convincing way) that they shipped product LU-M02 in LU-M01's box...weird. That just makes me think, that even if they do that, this new kit is cheaper than the rest and doesn't have its own box cause its like a crappy 3rd party kit. ugh i hope they're awesome!

I think i might drive it 2 hours up to greenville tomorrow to Masters Car Stereo...cause i have $100 giftcard from a Scion United show to use....anyone had any experience with Masters? They didn't give me an appointment time, or even check the books, they just told me to drop it off tomorrow morning...maybe i should call and let them know i'm coming from 2 hours out?
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they didn't give me a quote. the guy on the phone was nice, but super short.

"Do you guys install underbody leds?"
"We do."
"And Interior LEDs as well?"
"We do."
"Do you have any open appointments for thursday?"
"We do. Just drop it off thursday morning."

That was our entire convo. I didn't tell him i had a giftcard, just incase they would think to up the price....
over 11 hours later, and i have LEDs.

They worked for about 5 hours, and stuck to their $300 quote. I had the $100 giftcard, thank goodness.

Because of the skid plate under the front bumper, that LED bar is a little farther forward....i have to be even more careful leaving parking lots and on speedbumps. It really bugs me because you can see the bar when youre like 15+ feet from the car....but i guess theres nothing else that couldve been done. The installer also placed the remote receiver in a ridiculous location, above my air control knobs, not even centered. i may try to move this to the knockout switch on the shifter box.

The interior bars cant do all the crazy patterns the exterior bars can, and i don't know if im mad at ledunderbody for not telling me that yet; especially after i emailed them. Also the direct in for the music requires RCA heads (not included) to be soldered on, so i only have it hooked via the mic.

Other than all of that, i really like them! They are definately bright and the price was right ($150 for 4 ext bars and 4 int bars).
The remote is cool and the lights can be on w/o the keys in the ignition. Of all the patterns, solid color is still my favorite, and this kit offers many different colors, including variable greens, blues, pinks, and purples.

I had the interior bars placed under the front dash, and in the cubbies under the back seats; which required the installer to completely remove the back seat. They look great and send out a nice even bar of color on the the backs of the front seats.

I'll post pics in a bit.
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XBinRochester said:
It's not a skid plate, it's a plastic splash guard. I removed mine and installed the tube on the lower side of the radiator supports. You can't see it and I don't seem to get anymore water in the engine compartment with the guard removed.
Do you have pictures, of both the mount and the lighting? My dad is VERY skeptical about removing that splash gaurd.

XBinRochester said:
I don't have the interior light kit so I have a question, by you using the same lighting controller, can you turn the interior lights on separate from the underglow tubes or if you turn the underglows on everything will turn on?
The control box controls all the lights at once. I think though, that the interior and exterior may be on two different inputs...and while you can't switch or choose between them; you could just unplug whichever you didn't want on?

Well guys; i was running through the different light patterns for my friend last night, and he showed me that they installed my lights wrong. Either the side bars are backwards; or the front and rear bars are in opposite places. There is a pattern that runs light from the front of the car to the back (Front Bar, then progressive on sides from front to rear, then Rear Bar). Well the light jumps and runs in the wrong (opposite) direction on the sides. UGH. The install is under warranty by the shop, but i have to find time to drive 2 hours back to greenville now that my spring breaks over.

While i'm up there, im going to ask them to move the remote receiver, since its here:
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XBinRochester said:
I haven't had a chance to jack up the car yet to take pictures of the front tube installation. Possibly can do it this weekend. Still interested in changing yours and the pictures?

Did the shop move your tubes around for you or did you have to do it? Did they charge you?
Don't worry about the pics- i don't need them. I have to drive my box carefully with my led bar on the front of my bumper (and looking ugly) and i'll have to drive carefully with the splash gaurd removed.

I have yet to get my bars spun the right way because i haven't had time to drive 2 hours to the shop...but i imagine they'll fix it for free since they gave me a 1 year installation warranty.

I'm also going to have them move the front bar (and remove the splash gaurd), as well as move the remote reciever to the top of the dash...hopefully they'll do that for free since i asked them to keep the dash looking stock...but i'm farely sure i'm going to be paying for that that something i should do by myself...pull the entire dash off?

I'm still meaning to take pics of the lights...maybe i'll do that tonight when Minute to Win It ends... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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