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LED underbody kits -

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Anybody have underglow? A buddy i know just got multi-colors on his Wrangler, and they're awesome. I scanned the site but couldn't find any recent posts...sorry if this should be in electronics?

I'm looking for a multi color kit, preferably that can thump with the music? Anyone have any knowledge about this?

A cop told him he could ride with them on, so long as they weren't flashing, red, or blue.

Also, how sturdy are these things? I imagine neon tubes shattering daily...but LED bars should be able to take a beating, right?

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My friend has a Mustang with the Oznium UFO kit... It's so much fun to watch lol

Here it is on blue:
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joemader said:
ok. i'm ditching prom and spending the money on something better. :rolleyes:

I just bought this:
Whatever floats your boat... Lol. In my opinion: Prom > xB mods. Yeah, my xB is stock (besides satellite radio and front speakers), but I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. Gas is the only thing I'll be buying for my car for a long time probably.

Have fun with your LEDs though. Can't wait to see pics.
MenniFresh said:
I removed the splash guards ever since I put in my oznium vent lights in January my mom says they put them there for a reason but I've had no problems. I'm putting in my underbody lights on tomorow.
Can't wait to see pics!
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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