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LED underbody kits -

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Anybody have underglow? A buddy i know just got multi-colors on his Wrangler, and they're awesome. I scanned the site but couldn't find any recent posts...sorry if this should be in electronics?

I'm looking for a multi color kit, preferably that can thump with the music? Anyone have any knowledge about this?

A cop told him he could ride with them on, so long as they weren't flashing, red, or blue.

Also, how sturdy are these things? I imagine neon tubes shattering daily...but LED bars should be able to take a beating, right?

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I did mine before I lowered it, so I was able to do it all while on the ground. But just recently, I just had to adjust the side tubes so I can get it on a shop lift and I couldn't get under it., so I bought some new Rhino car ramps at Advance Auto. They worked fantastic even on a lowered XB!
How much do the ramps go for?
I got a set for my Miata years ago, as it's much lower than the xB (wouldn't clear on the yellow metal ramps at all and eventually gave those away). They work great on the xB too and store easy. I recommend those.
alright thanks
Menni, We are still waiting for pictures! LOL
If you are looking for a great L.E.D. kit at a great cost with crazy features, go to XKGlow. I love my kit. 20 piece kit was enough for all sides of the car and 6 inside.


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41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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