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I already had 2 LED strips under the dash, 2 Superflux LEDs in the cupholders, and 2 LED strips under the backseats. Today I added 1 Superflux in each of the rear door cupholders. I have my LEDs wired to a switch. All I needed to do was thread the new wiring through the rubber door grommets and connect it to my pre-existing setup.

Took a good look at the starting point.

Pulled the rubber away to see where to thread wiring from door to interior.

Gotta take the panel off of course. Great thread right here...thanks plan_B!

The interior B pillar panel needs to be removed too. First remove the running boards along the sills and then tug from the bottom up. Comes off easily.

I found a great hole to feed the wires on up towards the door grommet.

I'm using a solid 18g for the negative. Stiff yet flexible, it works like a coat hanger and got itself and the positive wire up there with ease. Work it upward until you find that hole where the rubber fits.

Once the wires are up there they need to go through the rubber housing (to protect from water). I cut a hole on the underside so I could slip the pair of wires through.

It was difficult getting the wires through to the other side.

Next they need to to slide through a plastic piece on the B pillar. The wires that operate the door's electrical stuff run through there. I tried pulling the piece out but had no luck so I figured I'd just slide my wires in whatever little hole I could find. Heres what it looks like from the interior.

Wires coming in...(bad pic, look for the red wire on the very top)

Alright got 'em through. I grounded right there. Very convenient spot and didn't need to run long lengths for the negative.

Because I have LEDs in my cupholders I decided to connect my positive wire to them. I ran the wire under the carpet.

Then I pulled it up into the center console so I could join them.

I chose my location and drilled a 11/32 hole through the back of the door's cupholder. After the LED was fitted just right I went ahead and added detachable connectors.

I put connectors on the doors too before putting the panel back on.
Daytime results...


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dude that looks sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice job on the pics and write up! :)
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