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less than 28000miles need tire change !!

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hey all,
did any one else had this situation, i have almost like 28000 miles and hasn't been rough driver since the day one i bought this car..the mechanics says i need to change my tires. Anyone else had same experience ?
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mine made it to 34,000
The Factory tires will last a lot more than 28k... If it's just a rough ride you're complaining about... That's kind of what these little guys do... It has a VERY sporty feeling suspension without going full bore Track car. You can even make it stiffer and rougher and it's super stable. You can soften it up as well, by changing tires (as your tech suggested), but you will sacrifice the feel of the road when you do it. I miss the Spunky feeling of the 2012 I just traded for a lethargic feeling Tacoma Access cab... My wife still has her 2012 xB so I get to play once in a while though. It's a Pretty harsh ride compared to my Tacoma as well. but I love the "connected" feeling it has.
How often have you rotated your tires?
i am pretty sure they have rotated the tire every time i had service, you know the free service they provide when you first bought the car.. i check all four tires with penny and all the tread wear seems equal. i could see Lincoln's head... its the stock bridgestone it something to do with location ? btw, am from NJ
To really make the tires last, its best to not only have the tires rotates but to also have them balanced. I rotate and balance my rims and tires every time I get my car serviced. Am I overdoing it? Maybe, but I have a little over 28,000 miles and I still have plenty of tread on the stock tires.
Look your tire up online. They all have a tread life estimate. The tires I buy are usually around a 40k life. I've never had a car long enough to go through a set though so no idea how accurate those estimates are.

I would imagine the stock tires are pretty cheap treads, if you can feel your car losing traction when it shouldn't or your not getting grip then change them. If your still driving ok I'd keep em.
This last sunner, I bought new tires not because the tread was worn, but because the tires were becoming dryrot (4.5 yrs.). Tinny cracks were all over the old ones and I didn't wont to take a chance on them failing.
The tires on my '09 were Michelins replaced supposedly in '11. They made it to me, I drove the car cross country twice, then the fronts started to get VERY severely bald and they started splitting so I finally got some all season Falkens and they come with a 40k mile warranty. Great tires btw.
If you are the original owner check you tire warranty paperwork that came with the car to see what the tread life is supposed to be. You might be able to get a partial credit if they have worn out prematurely. As long as the tread wear is even you can take it to any tire shop that carries the brand and they will handle it.

And yes it is your roads, you do live in New Jersey! :)

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