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Let's talk 2GR-FE (V6) swap

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The goal:

1. Complete, working, 2GR-FE swap (266-280 HP, 5 or 6 speed auto or manual transmission) with no CEL's, missing features, or reliability issues. I am leaning towards automatic (no, I don't care that you don't like automatics. I prefer auto for this particular vehicle).
2. Minimal fabrication. I realize some items are unavoidable, but I want this swap to be as straightforward and repeatable as possible.
3. A complete guide/instruction set once the swap is complete, so that others can repeat.


1. I love the xB, but I hate the lack of power.
2. I think I can accomplish this for as much as (if not less than) a properly built turbo setup after selling my existing drivetrain.
3. I have the time, energy, and money. Why not? I love figuring out new swaps on every possible scale.

The plan:

1. Work out every last needed part and build a master list
2. Determine complete wiring diagram and layout

This thread is not a build thread - just like my previous steering wheel and brake threads, it will serve as sort of a notepad where I jot down and organize my thoughts. Any and all input is appreciated.
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I'd work out which one has the most other useful stuff. Maybe the camry? Although the lexus might have some illuminated interior switches and stuff. Maybe a seat swap?
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