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Let's talk 2GR-FE (V6) swap

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The goal:

1. Complete, working, 2GR-FE swap (266-280 HP, 5 or 6 speed auto or manual transmission) with no CEL's, missing features, or reliability issues. I am leaning towards automatic (no, I don't care that you don't like automatics. I prefer auto for this particular vehicle).
2. Minimal fabrication. I realize some items are unavoidable, but I want this swap to be as straightforward and repeatable as possible.
3. A complete guide/instruction set once the swap is complete, so that others can repeat.


1. I love the xB, but I hate the lack of power.
2. I think I can accomplish this for as much as (if not less than) a properly built turbo setup after selling my existing drivetrain.
3. I have the time, energy, and money. Why not? I love figuring out new swaps on every possible scale.

The plan:

1. Work out every last needed part and build a master list
2. Determine complete wiring diagram and layout

This thread is not a build thread - just like my previous steering wheel and brake threads, it will serve as sort of a notepad where I jot down and organize my thoughts. Any and all input is appreciated.
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Notes so far:

(I'm going to refer to the 2.4L 2AZ-FE as the "2A" and 3.5L 2GR-FE as the "2G" from here on out)

  • AC Compressor: 2A and 2G can use the same unit. Custom lines may be needed based on positioning.
  • Axles: Based on dimensions, V6 Camry XV40 Axles may fit without modification. Need more detailed diagrams to be sure.
  • Accelerator pedal: Research needed, but there's a good chance it will work.
  • Alternator: 2A and 2G use different models; replacement needed
  • ECU and harness: Must be replaced. There is an ECU that uses the same plugs as the xB ECU (pics) but I have not yet found the pinout info.
  • Exhaust: No items researched yet; assuming all items under the hood will be fabricated, but I will search for OEM swaps if possible.
  • Fuel pump: 2G uses a total of 2280cc of injectors vs 1340cc for 2A; probably needs upgraded
  • Motor and transmission mounts: Unknown. I am assuming at least one mount will need to be fabricated, maybe more.
  • Starter: 2A and 2G use the same unit.
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The motivation for the 2GR over something like a subaru swap is the common platform. The xB2 shares tons of components with the 2007-2009 XV40 Camry, which was available in both 2A and 2G variants, meaning that a lot of 2G components should be a direct fit in the xB.

I have no doubt other non-toyta swaps are possible, but they're going to be a lot more work.

2GR-FE 2 plug ECU pinout: 2GR-FE Wiring Documentation *Sticky Worthy* - MR2 Owners Club Message Board
2AZ-FE 2 plug ECU pinout:丰田Toyota RAV4 Repair Manual/2AZ-FE Engine Control System/SFI System/005007.pdf

It would appear that the ECU is a direct plug and play swap (though I'm sure it's possible that something small might need adjusted). This is great news as it means wiring will be essentially painless, which is one of the major reasons why engine swaps usually suck.
I've been watching copart closely - gonna try to snag a donor vehicle so I can part it out and try to recoup as much of the drivetrain cost as I can.
Minor update:

I am still planning on moving forward with this. I've been weighing the pros and cons of a turbo setup for a long time now, and this swap just makes perfect sense instead of forced induction. The challenge I am having right now is just locating the proper donor vehicle, as buying parts individually is probably going to be stupid expensive. I've been watching the local Copart auctions and I have the funds reserved, so it's just a matter of time now.

I believe the "right" donor vehicles to be one of these:

Toyota Camry 07-11.0
Toyota RAV4 05.5-12 (FWD only)
Lexus ES350 06-12
Lexus RX350 09.5+
Toyota Venza 09+

I'm logging all of my research here:
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I'd work out which one has the most other useful stuff. Maybe the camry? Although the lexus might have some illuminated interior switches and stuff. Maybe a seat swap?
It's all going to come down to pricing. I'm guessing that a Camry will be the cheapest option, but it's going to depend on a lot on the type of vehicle available. My ideal vehicle is under 75,000 miles with a fair amount of resellable parts (airbags if not blown, interior bits, body panels, etc.) so that I can recoup some of my donor vehicle costs. Most people who buy a salvage vehicle seem to be interested in more than just the drivetrain.

I'm going to attend a Copart auction (just as an observer) this Friday to see how things go and get a feel for pricing. To my knowledge there's no list of closing prices available, so I'm just speculating right now. I'll probably be purchasing sometime in December if an appropriate vehicle comes up at a reasonable price.
I am still tinkering with the ECU, but other projects have kind of put the car on hold. I end up selling the supercharger and I'm looking at a traditional turbo just to get the build finished sometime in the next few months... Time to move on to other projects.

The 2GR swap was just sort of an open discussion; I think it's absolutely possible, but just not something I can work in right now. Might be a good project down the line sometime.
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