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Lift Kit / Leveling Kit

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While this is opposite of the traditional thinking with the Xb, I am wondering if anyone out there makes something to raise the front end an inch or so. Since I live in the land of Snow & Ice, it would be nice to level it out in front & gain a little ground clearance for the winter months.

Since my daughter drives the car, she's not getting bags and unless I could find a great deal on a good used set of coil overs, she wont get those either. So I was thinking of some sort of spacer on top of the strut mount for the front end. I did find a company who does a lot of this for trucks, etc & can fab me some up a pair for about $200. Which is quite reasonable in my opinion, but are there any already in production?

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There has been talk of this a few times. Not sure how many have actually done it or not but looking through the google search at the top I found this one right away
lift kit
Not sure how much it might help
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