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As I have alluded . . .
I am not much into some of the "central" parts of the "JDM Culture."
Specifically, lights, drifting, random stickers, and some of the popular Japanese cars body mods . . .

I'm also not much on the whole "drifting scene."  Though, as those at the Greenville Scikotics meeting could have hinted from my parking-lot driving tonight, I could do it but don't really desire it.

I can see the art and skill in such mods and that "culture"/look, but it just doesn't "thrill" me.

You see . . .
I am VERY interested in industrial design and art, esp. automotive art.
I am also VERY interested in "quick" driving on mountain twisties.  Roads like the old "Saluda Grade" road between Tryon and Saluda, Caeser's Head, (both mountain tristies in South Carolina) and the like just thrill me to no end.  Now, I don't mean fast, as in absolute speed.  Rather, I like quick cornering, controlled sharp corners, and the sheer fun of twisties at a decent speed (quick).
(I like watching F1, NASCAR, and road-racing pro auto racing much more than drag racing too.)

As for looks, extra electronics and lights don't do much for me (don't dislike or anything, just more neutral).  Yet, I can EASILY get behind a look or theme, even offer ideas and elbow grease to add to it.
For myself, I just can't "leave well enough alone" . . .
I customized my 87 VW Vanagon/Bus.
My 90 Miata looks like:

--Based on the 1960s Lotus 25/33 race cars and the Lotus Elan (type 26R).

SO, don't take my comments on light or drifting very serious . . .

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Dear Tartan Jack,

We understand that you are the commentator, not the originator, on modifications such as lights, graphics, and so forth. We value your opinion even if we don't agree with it. Your dissertations are admirable, as I've said on previous occasions, and literate. I'm sure no one has been offended by your "informative" and incisive epistles, but do appreciate your taking the time to give them.

Your Readers
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