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Liked our First 2012 XB but it didn't last

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so we are getting a 2014 XB and can't wait. You would think our XB would have lasted for more than 40,000 miles but due to a 46 minute hail storm they totaled it and we about cried. We enjoyed our 2012 and we are expecting great things from our new 14 when insurance pays off. The adjuster was well aware of the storm as they had just totaled a 58 thousand dollar Ford PU plus others.
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That is terrible ! I'm just glad that the ins. co. is standing up and getting you a new B. Are you getting anything different, color, options,etc?
Went from Black pearl to Absolute Red and it does stand out and put our mag wheels and tires on and had the rear 3 windows tinted 20% and 35 on the front 2windows. Sweet
Sounds good! I like that color
sad news on old but great news on new. done well.
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