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Looking for a owner in North Atlanta GA area!

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I'm a newbie to xB as you can see. I know a guy who builds exhaust systems from the hearer/s back and he is just North of Atlanta GA. He would like to get an late model xB in his shop to make jigs for a full 2.5" exhaust system. He makes great exhaust system as I have had a few of his systems for our Mazda MX-5's / Miata's. He biggest movers are for Miata's with 4 bangers to V8's, he build systems for MINI's, welds up systems for the company in the link below. He uses mandrel bends, Magnaflow & Borla mufflers, welds Mig & Tig, uses stainless steel or can get parts ceramic coated. He has his flanges custom water cut.

Please fell free to email at; [email protected] me or PM me anytime.

Bell Experimental Group - BEGi

Jason shop is small and he does it all by himself, this is his web site below.

Enthuza Car, Inc.

Thanks for looking,
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Now . . .
I didn't realize that Enthuza was based in North Atlanta . . .
I DO know who it is from my old Miata ties and it is THE exhaust system I would like if/when I dump my Racing Beat.

If someone wants to do, it I HOPE they do!

I'm 2.75 hours from the Lilburn area. If he is looking that way, let me know. I'd put up a long weekend to help.

Oh, and looking at the site, I see he sells a self-branded version of the DDM Works intake. My Miata was the test-fit car to be sure it fit with the "wide" 1.6L Racing Beat headers when Dave first created it. If it cleared those, it would clear anything . . .
Dave has also worked on my car many times, inc. my last 60K service. Ask DDM about me, if you need more info on me (check PM for my actual name).
Also, Jason's shop is in Kennesaw- Northwest Atlanta (up I-75 from downtown ATL). So, anyone that direction toward Chattanooga or Nashville could be great candidates too!
Guys, this thread is WAY too heated for what was intended.

I do know of Enthuza and am glad he is still around AND intended to branch into xB2s from primarily playing with Miatas/Miatae/MX-5s.
Excursus: For some reason, I keep thinking I may know Jason from a decade ago (pre-kid era for me, back when I could spend real money playing with my car- which was my 90 Miata, which I still have-> and looks like a Team Lotus road race refugee). A guy I used to talk to quite a bit ran a site called "SoloMiata" and he mixed optimum parts from different Miatas onto his red 90 model to make a wicked Solo car. (I was planning to install an RX-7 flapper bob, but never got it tuned where it wouldn't choke coming off throttle. So, it's in my shed and my original is still on.)

Anyways, as I recall, the general thought is that the "scuba" is a combined resonator and the primary high-flow cat in one. If anyone can prove otherwise, one way or another, I'd be VERY happy to know for certain.
As I recall a discussion somewhere is that the scuba is internally a high-flow cat, but the "heat shield" is built to be a double use as a high-flow resonator. That way, the sound levels on all the aftermarket exhausts are kept somewhat in-check from being insanely boomy. That is esp. important in that the xB's shape would make any high volume drone significantly amplified and would resonate it to much higher levels inside- much more than a traditional sedan or even "hatchback" shape. I forget the physics and sound dynamics reasons why, as I'm not a sound engineer and didn't pay that close attention.
I also didn't link the source, as it wasn't important. Part of me thinks it was an early discussion in one of the forums Eric (original owner of this site) bought after it effectively died-> thinking specifically of or (I was one of the last "new members" ever).
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Oh, and Enthuza is WELL known and respected in Miata circles, or was a few years ago when I "dropped out" of Miata stuff thanks to a severe disagreement with my local Miata Club head, a move further geographically from the club, and the arrival of a second kid that got on the loose and into EVERYTHING. I've no reason to think anything has changed from then.
It isn't based in Arizona, but Kennesaw, GA. I knew Enthuza was East Coast, but didn't realize was Atlanta. as far as I know, Randy has NOTHING to do with them besides a customer for his "other" car (past or present) and wanting a quality exhaust in the form Enthuza makes, plus Enthuza is interested-> which is a HUGE plus in my book.
I DO know the manufacturer or another stuff on the Enthuza site. It's made by the guy that works on MY Miata, who used my Miata to test-fit come prototypes/early models of his stuff. I test-fitted the 1.6 intake to be sure it would clear my headers, as happened to have the widest (by far) ones made for the NA model. It cleared by 1/4 inch . . . As it fit, he knew there wouldn't be problems selling them to anyone else on-line or for vendors to carry either (no customer complaints of non-fitment).
"My guy" wouldn't do business with a crook. I LITERALLY trust him with my own butt.
Maybe, I can get HIM to make xB2 stuff . . . (hehehehehehe)

I plan to call Jason soon, anyways.
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The muffler part IS huge!
In fact, it IS my muffler right now. My present exhaust is JUST bent pipe after the scuba. It gives a GREAT, classic "sports car" sound.
As many threads in various forums attest, the "scuba" has a huge resonator (muffler) effect on the final exhaust sound. This cannot be accomplished by merely applying a shield to a catalytic converter, it has to be a deliberate design by the engineers. [snip]
Yep, that's what I was alluding to, but maybe a bit too subtly.

As for:
On the other hand, replacement of the "scuba" with a cat is an aural disaster. In fact, even replacing it with a resonatpor and a cat typically results in excessive noise. It's more than clear the "scuba" is in fact very definitely a resonator (as well as a cat) and is in fact the main resonator. As I originally stated, the "scuba" is both a resonator and a cat. This is not something that should be misunderstood!
That's what I figured. I was trying to say that I've never seen it cut apart myself to "prove" that it was what I thought it was.
I WAS the one who said it was a high-flow cat-and-resonator/muffler-in-one. Being as long as it is, it's MUCH more than a simple design of a modded heat shield.
My point was that it was designed so that there is a central high-flow cat at the core and then a specific and well designed high-flow muffler/resonator is built that also serves as the heat shield for cat.
To do such is a HUGE engineering challenge and a complex/high-level design.
Boys, your getting WAY to upset over what wasn't the main point of the thread . . .

Enthuza wants to build an xB2 exhaust and is looking for a vehicle in its area to "borrow" so they may make jigs for the B. THAT was the point.

The scuba issue is a good discussion, but doesn't need to be so heated with "lie" and "troll" charges thrown around so quickly . . .
A simple "I think your mistaken on the scuba" with an explanation for what is a relatively new design idea (combined cat and resonator/muffler) would have gotten across the point without the combativeness.
So, one full day, then another significant part day or full day a couple/few days later. Sounds doable.
Interested, yes. But, it's 4 hours from me and I'll need to figure out the logistics.
Sanitarium is March 16, 17, and 18. Folks are showing up on Friday and things run through Sunday. It is a Scion-specific show put on by Scikotics.
I won't be able to drop off my B at Enthuza. I couldn't work out the timing.
I am planning to talk to folks in the Atlanta chapter while there, plus folks from Chattanooga.
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