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Looking for a owner in North Atlanta GA area!

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I'm a newbie to xB as you can see. I know a guy who builds exhaust systems from the hearer/s back and he is just North of Atlanta GA. He would like to get an late model xB in his shop to make jigs for a full 2.5" exhaust system. He makes great exhaust system as I have had a few of his systems for our Mazda MX-5's / Miata's. He biggest movers are for Miata's with 4 bangers to V8's, he build systems for MINI's, welds up systems for the company in the link below. He uses mandrel bends, Magnaflow & Borla mufflers, welds Mig & Tig, uses stainless steel or can get parts ceramic coated. He has his flanges custom water cut.

Please fell free to email at; [email protected] me or PM me anytime.

Bell Experimental Group - BEGi

Jason shop is small and he does it all by himself, this is his web site below.

Enthuza Car, Inc.

Thanks for looking,
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Tartanjack, Do contact me when you get a chance (404)310-3302. Maybe you can help find a good local Atlanta owner to serve as a testbed for a new exhaust and midpipe. I sell the DDM works intake and Dave sells my miata exhaust systems. I build most of the other systems for the mini, atom, sky, and solstice he sells at DDM works. THanks, Jason.
I'll need the car for a couple of days. I'll have to remove the stock items, measure and draw the flanges in Solid works, and have them laser-cut. Then build the prototype system out of tubing while making notes and taking photos of the install and any clearance issues. Once I get the prototype part built. I will build the Production Jig, make a production item in the tooling, and fit the production piece on the car. If I can get someone local. I'll need the car for a day to make the prototype, and I'll re-install the OEM system and let the car go home. Once I get the Tooling and production piece made I'll have them come back for installing/checking the production piece. I'll be glad to work out a killer deal for someone helping me by lending me a car. Jason.
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