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My bet is that the ECU is programmed that way so that the idiots that don't know how to drive 1 don't blow the engine and 2 don't get in trouble because they can't control the car.
Quite likely, esp. considering other things the xB has to keep idiot-owners from getting themselves in trouble like:
-A "reserve" that is 4 gallons, in a 14 gallon tank (to run-out is VERY bad for a VVT engine)
-Brakes big enough for decent stopping on 20s (generally, one up-grades brakes when going to rims that large)
-VSC that auto-turns-on (will work when computer detects relevant driving conditions) above 35mph, even when manually turned off entirely. (Helps idiots who don't know how to drive fast in curves and bends)

-Et Cetera
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