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I bought my 2012 around 2 months ago and here are my experiences & impressions.
Power; I traded in a modded Hemi Magnum on it and while (of course) it's never going to pull like that beast I find the thing pretty spirited for a 4 banger. Peppy around town (with the AC on) and getting up to and holding 80 on the Hwy (my usual cruising speed) easy. I rarely have to push the pedal much beyond 1/3 for my driving (I ain't a real heavy footed street driver anyhow).
Gas milage; I added a AFE CAI and Borla duals and while it may breathe easier (and sound better) my gas milage in the SA Fla heat w/ AC on driving more around town with some Hwy I'm averaging 23.5 mpg and that's measured filup against miles. The computer falsely gives you another mpg or two.
Sound; I listen to most of my music driving to work and having to do it again I'd have gone for the premium sound. I did replace the door speakers with Boston Acoustic SC60 / 65s and am happy with it now.
Price: Definately deal with the internet sales manager as opposed to the showroom guys (bought my last 2 cars this way and got them both just over cost). I got my base 2012 for around $18,175.
I have other threads in here about the CAI, Borla and my sound system mods if you care to read them..
All in all, love the XB and am very happy with the whole experience so far! :cheers:
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