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I'm from the Chi. area. Dive an '08 Xb with 35K on it. I am the original owner. Drove 30mi. last night to friends house for Super Bowl. I topped off the gas tank before getting on the tollway and think I didn't tighten the gas cap the mandatory one click. Drove the 30 m. with no problem. Sonn after leaving for the return trip I noticed the brake, ABS, Trac control, VSC, all were on. Drove about 3-4 mi. and pulled over, lights went out. Went about 2-3 mi. hit a bump bingo lights on, pull over again shut eng. off and restart. Lights still on. As i got close to home the light went off and on a couple of times.
This Morn i tightened the gas cap and fired her up, lights on. took her out for a spin and before I got to the end of the block the lights went out. Drove for 5mi. and lights remained off. So I'm thinking it was just a lose gas cap.
Anyone have any ideas.

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