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Love opening my garage to this :)

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It's just a good sight :p

where does your xB sleep at night?

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Thanks buddy. I can't remember how much it all cost. Some of it I bought used which helped a ton.

Q-Towers, clips, locks and keys - $100 used (a steal!)
Yakima Crossbars - $90 new
Yakima Fairing 50" - $85 new
Yakima Raptor bike attachment - $50 used (another steal!)
Yakima basket case stretch net - $30 new
Reese basket - $100 new

so about $450 or so with new and used parts. give or take a few bucks. Not too bad!

Does it leave indentations on where they clamp in between the doors?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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