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Lowering my 13 box

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I want to put lowering springs in my 2013 xb but they say doing just springs will only lower it from 1 1/2 to 2' I want a little more than that I have a lot of fender gap they told me we could cut the springs to get it lower. Any suggestions plz
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coilovers to go lower then 2"

do not cut springs or you will be buying struts and shocks really quick
If your on a budget and want low, get those raceland coilovers. Its like $350 brand new.
I am getting dj racing lowering springs we r all new to this
If you're referring to the ebay ones I'd highly suggest NOT getting them. Theres areas on your xB you can cheap out on but suspension is NOT one of them. Megan lowering springs are like $120 and drop you about 2 in the back and 1.5 in the front which is more than you'd think. I picked up Eibach's from a member on here for $140 and got a 2.5 in the back and have yet to do the fronts. I'm running 17's and most of the gap actually got ate up and I'm not scrapping so they're perfect. Looks and handles like a proper car now.
I agree 100% with Gary. Don't cheap out on ebay springs. I know because I've done it. I put a set of $80 new eBay springs on my 02 civic si hatch and they were absolute crap! I regretted every second of that purchase. Still do lol. I have tein springs and they ride great. I'm very happy with the drop and handling. I'm running 18s as well but my rolling diameter is same as stock and my wheel gap is pretty much gone.

i also agree with Chris as well. Don't cut the springs. You'll definitely run the risk of bottoming out your struts... Again i know from experience. Same civic si lol. It destroys struts and also your back. Cutting springs will change the spring rate ratio. Good luck!!!!
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