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Lowering, Wheel Size and Shocks

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I have a set of DF210 springs coming in any day and was wondering what size wheels to use. I was thinking of keeping the 16" but with new wheels to keep the stock ride. Any suggestions on other wheel sizes without running into rubbing problems? Should I also change the shocks and struts? What brand and size? How soon after the mod should I get an alignment or is it not needed? Thanks.
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Welcome to NSXB! I can not help you with all these question but one of our many wheel experts will chime in soon.

I would recommend you get bigger rims, 17 or 18'' and anytime I mess with anything having to do with my tires I always get allignments done right away just to be safe. But again more people will chime in who know more about this then I do. Most ppl are sleeping right now.
Welcome! :wave:
Wave, Why do you think I should go with 17 or 18 inch rims. This is a daily driver and I don't want any rubbing issues. If you can give me a good enough reason, I might consider them.
I feel ya brah, but if your going to do suspension work you should toss on some rims to go with it. It should be a few inch drop right and IMHO I think 16's would'nt look as good. Im riding on my stock steelies but I dont have any work done. If your going to get rubbing issues like I had b4 I started using lotion or wait wrong subject lol then I wouldnt do it but Im thinking you wont.

Why hasnt anyone helped this man yet?!!?

Since Im really talking outa my *** here lol.
You could actually go with the stock steelies with the approx. 2" drop DF210s. BUT, the road/undercarriage clearance would also be approx. 2" less... which for a daily driver, depends on road conditions whether its OKAY, otherwise your ride will really look cool with that aggressive dragster look. Having larger diameter wheels would compensate for that 2" drop. :yes:
my car initially had an 18" rim with a zero offset (in case I'm wrong about that offset number, what I mean is that the tire stuck out past the fender by about a 1/2". It has the factory lowering springs. The tires rubbed horribly on the body. Any bump or body lean would cause this. We switched to a different rim, same size but with an offset that pulled the rim in (in other words, it's tucked) and no problems with rubbing. HTH!
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