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Making the trip to Atlanta on the 18th for the all scion show.

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So me and the wife are going to make the trip to Union City for the all scion show on the 18th of this month. I saw the flier, does anyone have anymore information on the show like cost stuff like that? Hit me up if your going and we can meet up.
PS I am on scikotics now as xB_UAV, hit me up there as well.
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I'll be down there too.

I'm staying with Boxzilla Sat. night.
It looks like just the 2 of us from here . . .

It is NOT a "dealer display" one. It is an actual show, put on by a major figure in the Scion community-> Kennedy.
I believe this is in an open viewing section . . .
Some time ago, the heads of Scikotics made the local chapter sections invisible for all non-members. Yet, if one is a member of any chapter, they can see all.
OK . . .
Here is the flier:

(I had to copy it into my own photobucket to get it to work)
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I will, IF I remember to bring and actually GET OUT my camera this time.
I had it at Sanitarium, but forgot to get it out of the bag . . .
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