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Messing Around

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So some gauges showed up at the house the other day. I dont like them but was screwing around with the idea. Peice looks cool. But I do not think I am feeling it.

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Actually looks COOL! Here's an idea: it could be hinged & made to open upward revealing secret stash ala 007
i dig it myself...i really dont know what that little cutout is for anyways! :confused:
I'm with you on this one Jeremy...not feeling it....but I do like the suggestion of making it hinged and a secret area LOL
I'd have to wonder how it'd be looking across to there while trying to drive.. unless you have a passenger willing to relay readings to you constantly, I really see no practical use for it. It does look pretty cool, though.
"Gages" not practical...don't need any more things to look at! Now a hinged door on the area that may make sense!

LMAO at 007. I just need to figure out what I want over there. It is a useless space I think.

Yeah it was many of my messing around things this weekend. I have alot of extra stuff sitting at the shop that I wanted to toy around with. The gauges were one, the nology wires were another and then got my Carbon Fiber mirrors on also.
The installation of the gauges in the space is a great idea but does raise some concerns, re: monitoring the gauges whilst driving. Suggestions have been made before regardingthis so I won't beat a dead horse. Those of us that have garage door openers and don't like the droop inducedced in the sun visor when the opener is clip ther can use this space for the garage door opener remote. get one of those non slip pads and place in the space to keep it from moving around. I also find this a good place to put my MP3 player. The larger variety players don't fit all that well in the console and this space keeps it handy and out of the way. Putting non slip pads in this space makes it highly useable for things that you wanrt at hand yet not as easily seen. This sopace in the 09 Corollas has a door and looks like a mini glove box.
On No Limitz design . . .
I actually LIKE it!
If I did it, the "Bond Compartment" would be a NECESSITY. I sliding drawer or a hidden screen would be VERY cool and have potential to either:
1) Hide personal stuff during car shows or when parked in the public.
2) Make a very cool "demo" for during shows.
I wouldn't mind a template to make something similar that is detachable . . .
I'd make one that is blank and maybe body color . . . it would be a GREAT place to put stickers or plaques (ala "classic" hot-rods)! If on a hinge or a sliding hinge, it would make a wonderful hidden storage place.

Pragmatic on gauges . . .
New gauges need to added to the LEFT (driver side) of the stock pod. There is PLENTY of room and lots of options for some VERY cool ideas.
IF you want to add gauges you would actually monitor, put them there.

I have found the blank area behind the steering wheel to be a GREAT place to put directions. I write them on post-its and stick them on where I can see them well when driving without taking my peripheral vision off the road in front of me.
Just an odd, but VERY practical use of that space.
I don't know what is behind it, but that or the upper one might be a practical place to add an aftermarket GPS/navigation/directions unit.
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I have the gauges that I use behind the steering wheel. It is a empty spot behind there. Like I said in the header I was just messing around. I was bored. LOL..

I will start thinking of things I can do over there. Now that I have the template I will start thinking of ideas.
I like that little shelf area - I put a no slip pad over there and keep my little tissue box, sunglasses, mints, hotwheels, hair barrettes, and other odds and ends on there. But a closable cover would be really nice, especially if you could decorate it. :p
I like that area I have my Scion skull cap in there as well as my scion hat .
Do you have pics of the mirrors you were talking about?
i dont know about what everyone is saying.. but i really like this idea..unless you are a diehard drag dont really need to look at those things.. the car already comes with the gauges you do need.. i had a few gauges on my old civic and i hardly looked at them.. i have allot of freinds who have them and they dont even know how to read them anyway.. it just looks cool..the only gauge i really payed attention to was my battery gauge..and since when do you ever buy something for your car that you NEED!!! you buy it and install it because its cool and its a hobby of yours.. so good job on this mod.. i would do it myself but my wife puts all her stuff there!!hahaha oh and as for the james bond door thing! thats a prety cool idea too just need to see it actually done.. but as for you no limitz good job on you car!!! cant wait to see more!!
This is the Toyota Corolla Rumion optional compartment. I wish someone would fabricate a carbon fiber like this for me to buy...

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You know . . .
One of those for the other side (to work on port/leeward drive boxes), it might do well.
(Are you reading this, vendors?)
smileboy said:
This is the Toyota Corolla Rumion optional compartment. I wish someone would fabricate a carbon fiber like this for me to buy...
Me too.
See the thing is the over all price.

I had a place that is going to make me the 4 carbon peices that go on the doors, where the material part is. For those 4 parts is going to be about $500. Since you have to make a mold and then go through the whole CF process on making them. So making that part look good and functional, most people will not pay it. So the manufactures are not going to make it.
With a bit of work you could probably make the Rumion one work.
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