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I have thought of creating an "embedded" moon tank that sits atop the center part of the bumper.
As one isn't really needed, in my application, but is for looks, (as are QUITE a few on hot rods) . . .
I've thought of making a pretty accurate shell that goes over the bumper center, between the upper an lower grill on my 09. (any real metalworkers who would be glad to help me in this . . . I'd be MUCH appreciated!)

If I do this, I'd shift more to a "classic"/"old-school" hot-rod look.
I may also embed driving lights either behind my present slat grill or use my original to make one that mimics the FJ-40 grill (using driving lights as the "headlights"), which would sit above the tank.

This is an "open" idea . . .
I'd LOVE to see it, whether I do it myself or not!!

Moon tank rod:

FJ40 grill
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