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i'm looking to put some mudflaps on my silver xb, anyone know where i can find some? i want the painted ones, not the black plastic ones.
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Here's the Rumion part you can get your color. I think it is also plastic though.
After looking at their price, I went with the ebay ones which seem fine.
I am going to get a set off of Ebay also. I prefer the black as the painted one will eventually chip and look like hell.
Would one of you be so kind as to post the link to this item on ebay? Thank you.
From what iv herd on here the black plastic ones are great for the price. I know that isnt what your looking for Dude but you could always paint them. I think you would save money doing that rather then just buying painted ones.
How do you like the flaps from e-bay and how easy were they to install?
The install is easy for the front flaps you use the same holes that already there by taking off little L shaped piece. I the think the bottom hole on the front uses the hole that is for the ground effects lighting kit. That’s why they state, “not for ground effects lighting” in the ads. The back flaps you have to drill holes for (a third hand can come in handy when marking the holes to be drilled ) You also have to take off the back tires to give room for the drill to make the holes. Took me about an hour for the install these but, I take my time.
I am also considering putting on mud flaps on my 09 scion but I have the teal color and apparently I cannot get them pre-painted in this color??? Not sure why. But anyhow here is the link: These are a lot more $ than the standard black ones that can be bought on eBay:

Let me know what you do.
I have the black ones from ebay easy install you have to remove the back wheels to do those. The fronts just turn the wheels and install. They actually do what they are suppose to do keep mud off the side of the car. :)
Weather tech might have some coming out that require No drilling!!!! Not sure of price yet though!
rswscion08 said:
Weather tech might have some coming out that require No drilling!!!! Not sure of price yet though!
I would love some Weathertech ones where did you get this info from?
Went to the Weathertech Site and put in the Make, Model and Year of the car and this is what came up:

This item is not available for this vehicle or is currently under development. To request that we consider the manufacture of this application, please complete our Product Request Form.
There are many other WeatherTech accessories available for your vehicle!
Re: mudflaps? see: Toyota Japan xB Mudguards

check out the ones from

- factory original; (Japan)
- Color coded to match
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