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So as the days go on, i realize i need mud guards on my box, Where would one buy mud guards? not including the dealer? lol
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Not sure about eyelids, but I saw the mudguards on TRDSparks.
Part number PT769-52001
Thank you! I guess I didn't look well enough on trdsparks.
For some reason it didn't show up under '10, but it shows up under '11. I looked up the part number though, and it is listed for 08-11 on other sites. I was researching earlier in the week to see if the ones Phobic had for sale would work on my car.
Did it seem to improve mileage when you took them off? I am all about maximizing MPG, but my old car had major rock chipping that could have been saved with mud flaps.
I was wrong about the 11's being the same. The fronts are right on, but the rears don't line up quite right. I am not sure why the part numbers are the same on other sites.

I can't use the set I just got (used) so they are for sale for the $25 I bought them for. (08-10)
I heard the guy you bought the mud flaps from is a jerk though.
haha Yeah, should have listened to you when you said you thought they might be different. :cheers: Thank you anyway.
So will the Mudflaps off the TRD website work for a 2010 xb?
I can't say for sure, but my best guess is no. I bought a set of ebay ones listed as 2011, but they were the 2008-2010 style and didn't fit right, my second wrong set. :lol: I then bought the set from TRDsparks, and it is entirely different. The back bumper is different enough that the old style don't work with 2011, so I assume the inverse will be true using the 2011 on a 2010. Here are some pictures, hopefully that will help.

(Left 4 are the 08-10. Right 4 are '11. The top ones are for the front.)

Below are pictures lining up the rears on my 2011. The Fronts fit, so I did not take pictures of that. These are the 08-10s.

These are the 2011 rears.
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1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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