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My 2009 Silver xB

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Glad to see another BoxCar Biker! I love my xb, but when the weathers nice nothin beats a motorcycle. :D

Wow, your pictures are seriously making me want to move seat covers up on my to-do list...those Katskins look SO good.

Is that a wooden stick next to your drivers seat? My mother used to keep a drumstick in her drivers door so she could reach us if we were acting reallllly bad.
Thanks! Yes love my hog and that's a hickory handle for a hammer-- a real attention getter but never for my vehicle occupants, it's more of an "outdoor toy." I am very happy with my Katskins as well--the air lumbar support makes the long trips bearable and the heat...ahhhhh what can I say.
Nice xB - Love the pic outside OCC.
Nice. Sweet. Bitchin'. All of the above.
I dont mean to threadjack but please share your trailer setup. I need to do this!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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