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Just got my Enkei ES6 16x7 wheels from Tire Rack. Some notes:
1. Their lug nut tool needs a 3/4" socket, so you need to add another tool to your on-board kit.
2. Their lug nuts require this special tool (comes with the wheels), but I suggest buying a spare 'just in case'. Costs $4 with no added shipping if you get it with your wheels.
3. I purposely looked for 38-40mm offset wheels so the tire centerline would remain in the OEM plane.
4. The TPMS sensors transferred with no problem, but you need to ask for the specific wheel you select.
5. TireRack suggested I buy the kit for mounting the sensors (new rubber, etc, $3 per wheel) but when I had the tires mounted at NTB they said the kit was not needed. Not used. Will see in the long term if the stem seal stays ok.
6. In searching for a mounting site one company said they did not have the tool to do the TPMS transfer. At NTB the first desk person told me 'no problem'. The day I went in the desk person said the transfer was was questionable. Supposedly many get broken in the process. They do not stock spares. Decided to go ahead. The mechanic had no problem. So you will have to decide whether to risk the transfer and to risk not having a working TPMS sensor.
7. Remember to carry some OEM lug nuts with your emergency spare.

The wheel/tire size camparator program cited in an earlier message is great, and accurate based on my measurements. My problem with that site was that they did not answer their phone, their spec's do not list wheel weights, and they did not have any 38mm offset 16x7 wheels.

Lastly, I love the new look of my 09 XB.
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