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my secret crush

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yo HOTTHATCH69, Im rockin the fat lip like yourself :x
adding more $tuff and pics as well..

trd installed... need to settle in for abit.. sorry camera phone
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eviljack said:
When you said fat lip I thought you ment the lip kit hehe.

And it looks like your crush ain't a secret no more.
evil why you hating? don't worry I'm not competing with

besides your name is not HOTTHATCH69 , he knows what I'm talking about.

and my secret crush is the name of my car ....
thanks evil... those are noooooice! ;) ;)

HOTTHATCH69 its polish lip bro..just put the trd springs today and your right rides real nice!

yanges they are axis penta 19's specs are in wheel and tire forum I've posted

I love it even more now..

thanks for the feedback fam..more pics to come
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took pic this morning
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hey i think i am going to have to take you out some where and teach you how to take good pics. lol i am loving the car just take better pics away from the sun but still in a well lite area..... and you know i love the car
yeah going to borrow my friend camera this weekend take new ones out
in better areas .

that was my cell phone cam. :yucky:
yanges said:
here is a pic of mine with sun that i really like:

nice.. very industrial
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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