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my secret crush

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yo HOTTHATCH69, Im rockin the fat lip like yourself :x
adding more $tuff and pics as well..

trd installed... need to settle in for abit.. sorry camera phone
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When you said fat lip I thought you ment the lip kit hehe.

And it looks like your crush ain't a secret no more.
cubanix said:
evil why you hating? don't worry I'm not competing with

besides your name is not HOTTHATCH69 , he knows what I'm talking about.

and my secret crush is the name of my car ....
Oh I wasn't hatin. When you said you had a big lip like hothatch I seriously thought you ment you had the same lip kit he had since its got a big lip on the front. Then after I saw your picture I knew you were talking about the rims. I love some deep lip rims but decided to go a different route with this ride.lus I was just teasin about the secret thing. Thats actually a pretty clever name.

My old ride.

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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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