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My SW Avon Box

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My car is a daily driver and mild in comparison to what others do with theirs...darn budget keeps me from doing too much LOL....Not to mention it is my Avon can't go too wild. We have a few more planned before our next show in a few tie into the red

but here are some pics of what we have done:

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Lookin' great for a DD!!! Ever thought of makin' the grilles RED? I just think it will go well with those hubcaps
Thought about it and nixed it. Got the pinstripe done...should have the logo this week and metallic overlay for the caps this week will get updated pics once done. Pinstripe does help blend with the red caps...wasn't sure what I was going to think about it until after doing it....then waited a day to see how I really felt about it LOL
Love what you are doing to your xB...Go AvonLady!

08 xB, M5
I drive mine daily as well and show the crap out of it.

So where is the pics of the pinstriping?
LOL I will have pics of it shortly. Should have my hood decal today and if so wanting to get that on there and do pics all at the same time... But if I don't get it today I will snap a few pics of it. It really does tie into the red wheels nicely....but I need to get the wheels with a metallic....haven't found the right one yet...noone seems to carry the metallic finish in red...and I don't want silver or gold LOL

Was next to a guy yesterday near here in a 1st gen. Gave me the thumbs up :) He was on the phone. Definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing!
Hey Avon, I was thinking about painting my hubs black. Since you have painted yours, have you had any chipping or discoloration that I should be concerned about? I don't want to commit to it unless I am sure it will turn out good and last for at least a few months.
So far no chipping or anything. I would recommend sanding them...then using the Krylon paint for PLASTICS....that seems to be a good option. We are going to refinish them before our next show on the 7th of december...but that is more to add the metallic than anything else. We really like the way they turned out.

Decal for hood did come today so laying it flat to get it ready to apply...will get pics up once done today to show it and the pinstripe!
Very cool. Cant wait to see it all done.

I should be going home to a couple parts as well. I am hoping atleast.
6 the logo on the hood today....and snapped some pics. Here it is in all it's glory...the Avon Mobile! Pin stripe has jagged edges on each end just like the logo on the hood. It all really ties together nicely. Hopefully next week we will get the metallic finishing spray for the caps and be good to go.

Sooo...what do ya think?
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Thanks Shancopp! We are really pleased with the progress. Doing the LED's on Saturday and it will be at night so we will try to get some pics and get them posted. After the LED's we are just waiting to do a new gauge face and that will be it until the beginning of the year...unless we get parts for Christmas....which is what Hubby and I are planning on giving each other....Alarm, PAC controller, possibly an amp....Who knows what else LOL Dang budgets keep me from doing too much more....but REALLY happy with the progress and how it is all FINALLY coming together for what we visioned when we bought the car....

Although when we bought it we never would have thought about red hubcaps...but lovin the effect of them. Definitely a head turner!

I do want to get another set of the caps to do something else with or the same with so that winter driving isn't such a biggie. Contemplating taking the caps off for the winter to avoid damage.

Also hoping this weekend to get more Blue LED's installed inside. So we are totally red white and blue.

Anyway...enough of my rambling. Will get updated pics up as soon as I can. Can't wait to see the "final for now" product :)
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Got the LED's put in the headlights and Grill:

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very cool....haven't seen that mod yet!! props!
Got a new gauge face thanks to JEREMY from NO LIMITZ IND. I HIGHLY recommend him! He answers questions and RESPONDS to PM's or emails! Will definitely be doing business with him again! It is nice to know that some people still care about customers! High quality products, great prices and superior customer service!!!

This looks soooo clean! I LOOOOVE IT! Jeremy you ROCK in my book!!! I really appreciate everything and look forward to continuing to do business with you!

Sorry the pics aren't as clean as I would like. Was short on time to get them today...will try to get cleaner ones later :) The icons shine through perfect and are sharp (not fuzzy like the pic LOL)

Had previously gotten a gauge face from Customxbgauges and it was well like pulling teeth. Lack of communication and the product wasn't what I was looking for. It was sloppy....blobs of light...words instead of indicator icons...just not the CLEAN look I wanted. And Jason wouldn't respond when I asked what we could to do fix this....not to mention other issues. So I wouldn't recommend customxbgauges based on my experience....and have several people interested in new gauge faces based on what we have been doing.....All could have been resolved if Jason would answer PM's and emails, but instead he ignores them. He doesn't mention on the site that if you do an LED replacement, you have to have a new underlay for the gauge face....and when you get the underlay it is still blobs of light...not just shining through for the indicator. Beyond that you couldn't see any of the indicators during the day hardly because the gauge was blacked out at the part where they would shine through. I am sure some people are pleased with the work from customxbgauges, but I am definitely not! Before I posted this I did try to resolve with Jason and was again...just ignored. Guess he doesn't really care once he has the $$.

Go with QUALITY and get your stuff from Jeremy at No Limitz Ind!!!!
If he doesn't have it on his site, contact him he might be able to get it for you! Like the gauges he doesn't have them on there, but he can get them!
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Jenn thank you very much. I am just glad I could help out. Even with the blurry pics it still looks pretty good. Once again, just glad I could help you out.
Soooo we were going to install my new HID's, PAS controller and interior blue lights on a switch over the weekend...until we got a foot of snow and got stuck at our friends house. Luckily we made it home today (we were stranded since Friday) if the snow ever lets up and we can get around we will be getting more mods done :) After that I think we are done for awhile.

The snow here is gonna hit the budget hard since we haven't been able to get out and about. But at least I got my Christmas wish which was to get back home LOL
how much did you pay for the cluster ?
SeXyVaN said:
how much did you pay for the cluster ?
For the lights or for the new gauge face or for both? If you need a new gauge face you gotta talk to Jeremy *No Limitz IND* He is the bomb and will be able to quote you based on what you want. As far as the LED's you can get them from Oznium. I got them on Ebay, but could have done better on Oznium and I am sure someone can remind us what kind it takes something like PLCC or something I can't remember what they are exactly. (Bad memory for things like that)
The Avon Mobile has arrived!!! Check this out! Made it on at the PDXMas tuner bash!!!

Then here are some pics we took of Bunny :) Have some snow pics coming soon when I get them uploaded to photobucket.....Bunny became a snow was sad though

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