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my update

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well i been trying to get back on to give you guys an update of the car.. so here it is. I still have to do soo much more, but I think i am going to take a break from it now. I just picked up a honda ruckus.. it is awsome soo much fun to ride around town. ohh yeah sorry about the pictures it was my friend taking them and i know they didnt come out great. But at least you guys will get the idea

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:clapping: lookin good. nice work! what kind of wheels are those? can't quite read the brand in the pics...
They are Axis Shines, looks like 19s
Dude nice job. KInda jealous at the moment. I would ask you to share the wealth but you already gave me some denaro hehe. I have to say I am glad that the person who bought my kit definatly did something killer with his ride. Thats freakin awsome. At least I can say I am a part of that project.
Wow, very nice. Graphix like that might even hide my door ding :)
Wow! It's a bit different, but it does look well executed!

The HTM has really grown on me. If it wasn't such a PITA to reapply, I'd suggest trying with out the A-pillar tape. It would pull more of the body color to the front! ;)
You've really created something special! Those graphics are fascinating on the teal. 8)
i am really likin' those Graphics HORHATCH69!! nice design! :)

what size / brand tires and wheels are you runnin'?
absolutely awesome.... :notworthy: :photo:
thanks alot guys for the comments... well the wheels are axis shine 19 by 8.5 in the front and 19 x 9.5 in the rear. i got the wheels a year ago and i forgot the offeset. and its on trd springs....but thanks for the comments next is my system... i am thinking of some type of design but have no way of actually putting it together..
thanks for eviljack for his body kit.
That looks good.

The graphics make a nice "circuit board" look. The colour hues and tones compliment one another nicely too.
That kit looks pretty darn good on a non-gold as well!
You know I almost think that the body kit looks better in that color then in gold.
Yo hothatch. Send me a high quality copy of this photo for the calender. Crop out as much of the parking lot as you can without chopping any bits off of the xB.

[email protected]
i am getting a photo shoot done by a pro soon. so as soon as i get that done then i will get you those pics
Loading Pictures

Hey I'm new to this. How do you load pictures. Thanks for any help Rick ,Baltimore
The pictures need to be hosted somewhere (i.e. photobucket) and you can click the picture button when posting, or use the following code:
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HOTTHATCH69, that is one beautiful xB you've got there!
Damasho said:
HOTTHATCH69, that is one beautiful xB you've got there!
thanks alot
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