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My xB and the rest of my rides!

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My 09 xB. Just got it yesterday. DF210's ordered, HID kits for fogs and projectors ordered. I will post update once its lowered.

The wife's KIA Soul

My Blazer: Just traded for the xB

My Toy 500hp Turbo Sonoma

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Oh wow! That looks great! How did the installation go?
I ordered the Anzo Halo's and the Oznium Vent Lights w/Remote today. Still cannot decide which tail lights to get.

TRD Euro's or Anzo LED's (if Anzo which ones)?
Very nice on the headlights and Oznium lights!

As for the tails, I've heard the TYC ones don't last very long. People love the Longo ones, but they're also the most expensive ones.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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